hello! my name is melisa (yes, with one S) and...


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If I had to pick 3 words to describe my work, I'd pick those. User-Experience Design (UXD) is the mayo to my fries (odd combination, but it defines my unique personality). I'm a designer, storyteller, illustrator, photographer, and still a student.

I'm currently a student at Rutgers University with a focus on UXD and IT, but my skills are all over the place.

My design style is geometric; my color scheme is pastel-based, but I'm flexible in what I do and have done.


My name is Melisa Gutierrez. I'm a current student at Rutgers University with a major in Information Technology, but while my main focus is UXD, I've done work in Data Analysis, Web Design, and Project Management. Besides that, I do graphic design on the side, either being a former graphic/social media artist for some college clubs or being the president for the Peruvian club a friend and I started last year in 2019.

I've always been in love with art and design since high school, but going into my senior year, I was pressured into choosing a major with a high return on investment, meaning I was leaning toward Comp. Sci. Don't get me wrong, back then, I had an interest in coding, but once I was in University, I felt myself coming back to the love for the arts as I had in high school.

Today, I have done graphic design for college clubs, started one of my own to represent my Peruvian culture, ran social media for International Bird Rescue and delivered brand strategies and review for a start-up known as Itiah's Angels.

Also, I participate in Adobe XD competitions, you can see several here.

This site is the home to my work, and like any home, it'll always have upgrades and revisions, so this is a live and changing portfolio, but for now, you'll see the work that I've done.